Please tell me these things aren’t happening in the US

The day before yesterday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said domestic and gang violence were not grounds for asylum.  He did this when he reversed an immigration appeals court ruling that granted a Salvladoran women asylum because of her claims of sexual, physical and emotional abuse by her husband.  This is on top of the horrendous policy or ripping kids from their parents.  I don’t know how he could categorically do this even if a woman was assaulted and abused by her husband in private.  But coincidentally, I just received an article to translate from Spanish which documents the extent of abuse against women in Nicaragua where it is often perpetrated by people outside the home, where there is often no help from police, where it is part of a culture in which feminicide is a not uncommon occurrence.  Sessions and Trump and others in the Administration seem totally oblivious to human suffering.  I used to think if they could be put in a situation where they had to witness it, they would understand.  But I think they have no souls.

And how can Sessions reverse court decisions?  He is in charge of the Justice (hah) Department, not a judge in an appeals court.

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