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I Wonder

April 4, 2018

A week or so ago I was lying on my pad in my yoga class which is in a large, airy room with a wall of windows on one side and of mirrors on two others. It’s a peaceful place. By chance, I looked toward the far end of the room where there is equipment stored for children, including a tricycle with heart-shaped balloons tied to the handlebars. As I watched, it rose into the air. A small, skinny old lady was riding it. How happy she looks, I thought. Suddenly, the scene changed. I found myself lying on the ground, on cultivated soil, with roots exposed and stems and leaves crowding me. My fingers and toes were extending towards the roots, uniting with them. It was beautiful and frightening. And suddenly I was back in the peaceful room.

Of course it immediately occurred to me that these visions were about dying. It’s not unnatural to be thinking of it at my age. But visions are a bit startling! I hoped they were not premonitions.

Just How Confused (Confusing) Donald Trump Is: Recent Tweets ummm Explained

April 2, 2018

…in this Atlantic column which is a noble effort.

Yes, There Are Lessons to Be Learned From the Past

April 2, 2018

In the New York Times today (2 April 2018) there is a remarkable piece on the Roman philosopher Seneca called “How to Serve a Deranged Tyrant”.  The writer, Ryan Holiday writes about this from a very personal perspective:  He was offered a job as a communications director for a member of Donald Trump’s cabinet.  He is also a scholar of Stoics (as in Roman Stoics) who followed the path of Seneca, the Stoic philosopher, in first deciding he could benefit the most people by trying to moderate the efforts of a tyrant by working for him and finally deciding he was of more benefit doing good for a few just people.  Seneca tried with the Emperor Nero. Ultimately, Seneca died for his efforts.  Holiday hasn’t yet for toying with possibly helping out Trump. In any event, the article proves the value of knowing some history, and I urge you to read it.