Please, Democrats, get your act together.  Your country needs you.  Where are your press conferences denouncing Trump and his administration and Congressional Republican plans?  Where are critiques not just of Trump’s hideous behavior, but of his and Republican proposals and actions which threaten to tear apart whatever good we have going for us in terms of helping ordinary people, saving the planet, defending immigrants, building a green infrastructure, denouncing hate, etc. etc. etc. Where are criticisms of his favoritism of Saudi Arabia and his ignorance of Iran which is yes dangerous but should not be painted in demon colors?  And where are alternative proposals?  Suggestions float around on leftish social networks, online news, etc. etc., but nothing is coordinated, as they say, there is no there there.

Where are criticisms of Republican hypocrisy and failure to condemn Trump’s heinous positions and behavior? The only congressman I at least have regularly seen publicly denouncing Trump and his gang is Joseph Kennedy of Massachusetts. But I have only seen him on my Facebook feed.  The Democrats need to push for big time national coverage not simply to win votes but to do the right thing!





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